A BricoMobile to liven up the squares

“We’d been working for some time in the neighbourhoods and bringing in equipment that we bought second-hand to do a bit of DIY,” explains Frédé.ric Schenk, who is responsible for the buildings and the pedagogical space of the Cine (Centre d’initiation à la nature et à l’environnement) at the Moulin in Lutterbach, hence the idea of creating “an educational and fun tool, to easily transport all the equipment, but also to make oneself visible”.

A bicycle trailer, with two folding workbenches separated by a trunk that holds the toolboxes.”It’s a small carpentry, but it can also be used to repair the bike, do some DIY… We choose the equipment according to the action we’re going to carry out”, explains Frédéric Schenk.It is completed by a bar, also mobile.

A little carpentry on wheels

Like everything else made at the Mill, this bar was made with planks and wheels, salvaged, of course.It was well attended yesterday morning, on the slab of the covered market in Mulhouse, offering syrups made from plants that grow at the Cine, for the inauguration of the new equipment, an inauguration which took place in the presence of members of the board of directors of the company.The members of the management association, Alexandre Philippe, director of the sociocultural centre Lavoisier partner, Danièle Goldstein, delegated by M2A (Mulhouse Alsace agglomeration) and Fatima Jenn, representing the departmental council.

We are financing the Cine to the tune of $78,000 in operation and $4,000 in investment [for the BricoMobile],” she said.As we were unable to take on any summer jobs this year, we are financing them in associations, particularly at Cine: it is a recognition of both its work and environmental education”.

Because the BricoMobile can be driven by “summer jobs”, to go to neighbourhoods, villages or public parks.Through DIY, we aim to become independent (when we master a saw, we show confidence), learning how to recover to avoid always buying new,” says Véronique Mateus, director of the Cine.It’s a confidence-building tool. It works very well with teenagers.”


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